Create a successful Social Customer Care strategy 

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Does your business have an effective Social Customer Care approach in place? 

If not, you’re at risk of losing customers and damaging your reputation…

Discover step-by-step how to consistently delight your customers with social customer service – and avoid going viral for all the wrong reasons. 

With the rapid rise of social media, how you interact with your customers is now more important to your business’ success than ever before.

By 2020, an estimated 90% of companies will be using social media for customer service… (Gartner) 

Your customers already expect you to help them with questions, complaints and feedback on social media, ...and to do it as quickly, effortlessly and empathetically as possible.… 

But is your business delivering this for YOUR customers? 

If not, you’re in danger of losing these customers to your competitors.  

Accenture reported that in 2015, 66% of consumers switched to a different provider due to poor customer service.  

And with social media for customer service rapidly increasing in popularity, you simply can’t afford to be left behind.  

What happens if your company isn’t using Social Customer Care effectively?  


Without a clear and consistent approach to handling social media, your company risks alienating customers, losing out to competitors, and missing out on valuable new opportunities.  


If you aren’t responding correctly or empathetically to customers and prospects on social media, things can quickly snowball out of control.  

Address quickly & correctly

Unhappy customers voicing their displeasure on Facebook, Twitter and other social channels have a tendency to multiply – so you need to address them not just quickly, but correctly.

For instance:  

  • Does your team have a consistent, robust set of guidelines for what they should say, and when (and where) they should say it?
  • Do you know how you should respond when a conversation escalates on social media, or when other people get involved?  
  • Are you confused about which technology you should be using?  
  • How do you best use monitoring and alerts to manage your social media customer services?  
  • Do you understand the regulations for social media use in your industry?  
  • Are you happy with your tone of voice, and do you respond to your customers empathetically every time?  
  • Do you have a framework in place for measuring and evaluating your brand of Social Customer Care?  

If you’re not sure how to answer these questions, or aren’t confident about how to respond to a complaint online, now’s the time to fix that problem

Why Social Customer Care is critical to your business’ success 

Social Customer Care is about more than just answering enquiries on Twitter.  

It’s about demonstrating that you understand and appreciate every customer, regardless of why they contact you.  

Your customers need to feel you are genuinely listening to them and are able to help them, fast. 

If they don’t, chances are they’ll complain about you on Twitter and leave you for one of your competitors…  

And don’t forget: social media also increases the chances of other customers and prospects hearing about this and doing the same. 

How you deal with EVERY individual customer and enquiry online impacts the public perception of your brand.

Some of the world’s biggest brands have made mistakes with Social Customer Care and suffered the consequences… 

Social media customer care has become a battleground on which customers are won and lost, and where businesses can rise and fall in the blink of a cursor.  

We’ve all heard the horror stories of Social Customer Care gone wrong, and been grateful it wasn’t our company this time. 

But how can you ensure it won’t be you next time? 

With the stakes so high, you must take steps now – not just to protect your brand’s reputation, but also to strengthen it with effective Social Customer Care. 

Businesses can no longer get away with an ad-hoc approach that simply reacts to what customers are saying online… 

Whether you’re a team of one or fifty, brands and companies of all sizes are now expected to handle customer care quickly, efficiently and empathetically across social channels.

But it can be easy to lose focus when there are so many differing opinions online about what constitutes best practice. 

So how do you avoid information overwhelm and find clear, reliable advice on improving your approach to Social Customer Care?

Whose advice should you follow when there is so much information and so many conflicting opinions out there? 

And what if you’re already offering Social Customer Care…  

How do you decide what you should keep doing, and what do you need to change?  

If you’re not tracking and measuring performance, how can you know if what you’re doing is effective, or is just a waste of time in the eyes of your customers? 

Without a clear approach, it’s hard for you and your team to have any confidence in the service you are providing.  

But the good news is: 

If you don’t yet have a consistent social customer care strategy you and your team can use confidently, you’re in the right place to get started. 

It’s essential that you understand how to deliver great Social Customer Care, and are able to deal with difficult situations effectively. 

And the best way to consistently resolve customer issues on social media is to have a clearly defined, step-by-step approach your whole team can use.

That’s why we’re proud to introduce: 

The step-by-step guide to understanding and implementing Social Customer Care for YOUR business  

This online course helps you implement effective social customer care, and gives you and your team the tools, training and confidence you need to turn complaints into positive feedback.

If you’ve ever struggled with Social Customer Care or are worried about how it may impact your business, this course is designed for you.  

Our expert instructors will walk you through exactly what to do and help you get started. You’ll see case studies based on real-world business situations, and hear from experts in the industry. 

Snak Academy is your roadmap to Social Customer Care success… 

Because to avoid the most damaging mistakes so many companies make, it’s time to stop guessing and start following what really works. 

Snak Academy helps small-medium businesses better engage with customers on social media and avoid costly mistakes

Confidently create a successful Social Customer Care strategy for your business that WORKS

Get clear, comprehensive lessons on every aspect of Social Customer Care that show you exactly how to delight your customers AND win new ones. There’s no information overwhelm – just a step-by-step blueprint for setting up, evaluating and scaling your brand of Social Customer Care.

Learn wherever you want, when you want

Once you’ve received your learning ‘drop’ for the day, you can go through it at any time during the day to suit your timetable gaps.

  The entire Snak Academy course and resources, designed with how people learn today, are available to access 24/7 on your smartphone and tablet, so there’s less need for in-person training or inconvenient travel. 

Content is delivered to you in daily bitesize chunks requiring no more than 5 - 7 minutes each day, allowing you to learn in the taxi between meetings, while you’re waiting for your next flight, or simply for a few minutes at the end of the day. 

Identify your tone of voice and engage with your customers empathetically, every time

How confident do you feel about how your company responds to your customers’ complaints on Twitter or Facebook? We’ll help you pinpoint your brand of empathy and tone of voice, and ensure it effortlessly reflects what’s important to your customers; and you!

Two of the world’s most trusted Social Customer Care experts share their proven strategies  

With decades of combined industry experience, Snak Academy creators Billie Sastre & Guy Stephens will guide you smoothly and effectively through the rights and wrongs of your Social Customer Care journey. 

Billie and Guy will also be on hand to answer your questions in regular Facebook Live Q&A sessions.  

Snak Academy is expert-led online Social Customer Care training for your business

Instant anywhere access to all course content

Watch and re-watch course content at any time on your smartphone and tablet. From video tutorials to worksheets and interviews, all lessons and resources are accessible to you on your favourite devices, 24/7. No need for outside training visits or expensive consulting.

Learn from the experts

Leading Social Customer Care trainers Billie Sastre and Guy Stephens pass on their in-depth knowledge from working with clients and contact centers. Ask questions in Facebook Live Q&A sessions, and access discussions and support in the members-only Facebook group.  

Step-by-step, in-depth content

Learn the best ways to deal with important social media customer care situations, and develop confidence in your approach and decision-making. No more guessing – get a clear plan of action to deal with whatever comes your way. 

Case studies, interviews and examples 

Snak Academy includes real-world case studies with in-depth breakdowns of actual social customer care situations. Hear from industry experts in exclusive interviews, and learn best practices without expensive trial and error. 

Designed specifically for small-medium businesses 

While some social media experts see online customer care as part of a wider marketing process, Snak Academy is all about helping you deliver a better customer experience. Our work is 100% customer-focused, and will help you delight new and existing customers again and again.

Practical exercises to sharpen your skills 

Alongside in-depth tutorials you’ll be able to road test what you learn before you apply it to your business. Snak Academy includes practical exercises to build confidence in your skills. And this approach will guide you through dealing effectively and empathetically with difficult situations. 

Course modules 

The Snak Academy course is made up of six core modules that walk you through everything you need for effective Social Customer Care:  

Module 1 – Getting started 

Discover more about why Social Customer Care is so important, including real-world examples, an overview of Social Customer Care management, and how to boost your ROI by following Snak Academy best practices

Module 2 – Designing your Social Customer Care experience

Get your brand’s Social Customer Care setup right the first time. Includes a detailed look at customer agent experience, tone of voice, understanding and responding to social media, managing internal communications alongside external customer dialogue, and how to exceed customer expectations

Module 3 – Setting up your team

Your people are your best assets in Social Customer Care. We’ll outline essential skills and training for your team, the various roles required and ways of sharing success to boost performance.  

Plus, discover the best ways to develop and express empathy – so you never lose a customer through poorly handled ‘miscommunication’ again 

Module 4 – Putting your system and processes in place

By now you’ll be setting up and developing your process, and you’ll learn about monitoring, escalation, complaints, guidelines, tagging & responding – all the practical skills & processes your team needs to manage Social Customer Care more effectively

Module 5 – Tracking your success 

To retain your customers and keep your competition at bay you must accurately measure and improve your performance. To ensure your Social Customer Care is more than just a token effort you need to know exactly what to measure and how.  

So in this module we’ll show you what KPIs to use, how to evaluate your agents & your process, and how you can manage results using a dashboard to optimize and improve your brand’s performance  

Module 6 – Handling a crisis

A key part of effective Social Customer Care is about how to respond in the event of a crisis – and even turning disaster into opportunity.  

This module will give you the procedures and confidence to develop an efficient crisis plan, as well as teaching you how to respond to various problems, who needs to be involved, how to measure the impact of your actions, and a ‘line of fire’ checklist to help you in challenging situations 

Bonus module – Technology and Social Customer Care

And our BONUS for you, a module on Technology, which includes demos and exclusive insights from the key social customer care vendors themselves.

Join Snak Academy now and save your company time, money and customers in the long run. 



$369 USD


  • Over 30 videos, step-by-step in depth content
  • Practical exercises to sharpen your skills
  • Case studies, interviews and examples
  • Bonus Module: Technology used in Social Customer Care 
  • Bonus: Access to a private Facebook group  



$597 USD

(save $141 USD)

  • Over 30 videos, step-by-step in depth content
  • Practical exercises to sharpen your skills
  • Case studies, interviews and examples
  • Bonus Module: Technology used in Social Customer Care 
  • Bonus: Access to a private Facebook group  

Snak Academy course FAQs

How does Snak Academy help my business?  

Effective Social Customer Care is about more than just reducing response times to complaints. It’s an opportunity for your business to better understand your clients and customers, to listen to them and gain their trust.  

Done right, Social Customer Care helps you increase sales, improve customer retention and win new business – providing ROI and strengthening your brand. Ignore it and you can lose customers and the reputation you’ve worked hard to create.  

By 2020, an estimated 90% of businesses will be using Social Customer Care (Gartner) – but to stand out, you need a clear strategy and approach your whole team can follow. Snak Academy will guide you through setting this up AND measuring performance so you can be confident you’re on the right track.  

How does it work?

Snak Academy is an online course you can access from your smartphone or tablet. Once you’re signed up, you simply login and follow along with the lessons and exercises.  

Through a series of video tutorials and practical exercises, you will discover everything you need to know to setup an effective Social Customer Care strategy in your business – whether you’re a solo enterprise or have up to 50 employees. 

How long will the course take to complete?

The Snak Academy course is delivered to you in manageable daily chunks via the Snackson online app. If you follow the recommended schedule it should take 8 weeks to complete. The course is designed specifically to develop your confidence and your trust in your decisions.  

By the end of the course you’ll have all the information you need to confidently setup and run your Social Customer Care program. And with 24/7 forever access, you can continue to use it whenever you need guidance. 

How does the course compare to in-person training or seminars?

In-person training can be expensive, especially when it comes to repeating it for new staff. You may also have to wait on a trainer’s availability, take time off work or travel to find a course.  

But with Snak Academy, everything you need is always accessible via your smartphone or tablet when you want it. So there’s no unnecessary travel, no waiting and no budget-busting! 

What if I have questions during the course?

Billie and Guy host regular live Snak Academy member Q&A sessions on Facebook Live where you can ask them questions directly.

There’s also a members-only Facebook group where you can share questions and concerns, and get feedback in real time. 

Your Snak Academy instructors

Billie Sastre

She works as a consultant alongside businesses who want to better communicate with their customers via social networks. She helps them develop strategies that improve customer communication, lead to higher retention rates and customers becoming brand ambassadors for her clients.  

Her agency Sastre Martin specialises in Social Customer Care strategies for Latin markets, and she is a keynote speaker at various Social Customer Care workshops and seminars.  

She has worked for medium to large companies all over the Spanish and Latin markets and is a Tedx speaker. She inspires and helps women all over Latin America to be successful entrepreneurs and to find the right work-life balance.  

Guy Stephens

He has been at the forefront of Social Customer Care almost from when the first Social Customer Care tweet was sent in 2008. He set up Social Customer Care for The Carphone Warehouse and worked on the frontline responding to customers’ complaints on Twitter.  

He was the first person to start running Social Customer Care workshops in Asia and the Middle East back in 2011, and still runs the largest LinkedIn group on Social Customer Care (over 26,000 members) which he founded in 2009. He was recognised by The Huffington Post as one of the 100 Best Social Customer Service Pros on Twitter, and is recognised as an industry thought-leader, continuing to write, speak and tweet about Social Customer Care.  

Guy is also the author of an in-depth publication providing insight into the first five years of Social Customer Care. 

Ready to increase your sales, improve your customer retention rate and create a winning online reputation that lasts?  

Snak Academy is the online Social Customer Care training that gives you:  

  • A step-by-step blueprint for setting up, improving and evaluating an effective Social Customer Care approach for your business

  • Guidance from the experts on what to say, when and how in important social media customer service situations  
  • Confidence in your ability to handle each situation effectively whenever you or your team interact with customers online

Join Snak Academy now and save your company time, money and customers in the long run. 



$369 USD


  • Over 30 videos, step-by-step in depth content
  • Practical exercises to sharpen your skills
  • Case studies, interviews and examples
  • Bonus Module: Technology used in Social Customer Care 
  • Bonus: Access to a private Facebook group  



$597 USD

(save $141 USD)

  • Over 30 videos, step-by-step in depth content
  • Practical exercises to sharpen your skills
  • Case studies, interviews and examples
  • Bonus Module: Technology used in Social Customer Care 
  • Bonus: Access to a private Facebook group  

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